Psychic and Spiritual Medium Patrick.

Official webpage of Psychic Medium Patrick.

Patrick has over 30 years doing mediumship readings.  Patrick offers readings worldwide.

Services are offered in-person, over the phone, through Zoom, and other online methods.  He tunes into the situation visualizing images around you and people involved in your life. He receives energy, messages, visions, and feelings, and then interprets the information for you.  Patrick helps people all over the world both in-person and online. He helps connect a person with their loved ones, and helps them find their true spiritual path and potential future.

Patrick works by appointment only.  All appointments are booked through an assistant or our new Facebook Services Page, and he is given the first name and an address of that said appointment so as to not have any information going into a reading. 

We highly recommend that you voice record the reading or take notes, so that you have something to turn back to. Quite a lot of information can come out in a reading; and it may not make sense at the time but will at a later date and any notes can help. 

Unless it’s in a investigation setting Patrick asks that no videotaping be allowed.

 All Readings are pre-paid.

At this moment Patrick is booking 3 days to 2 weeks out. 

Patrick has a waiting list over 200,000 people long, however depending on days he still can help.

We highly recommend booking when you feel the need, so that your appointment is on the books, and there is less of a wait. 

Emergency appointments are available.

To Book Call or visit 



Anyone attending a reading will respect ALL in attendence.

For your benefit, we recommend recording the reading or taking notes.  We also advise writing down any questions you have ahead of time, so that they are not forgotten when the session is in progress. We feel it is important to remind everyone that no psychic or medium is ever 100% accurate as we are simply messengers, or instruments, receiving and interpreting impressions from spirit.  We may misinterpret what we see, hear and feel.

Like everyone, Patrick too, can have an off day.  In such case, he would simply state that, and reschedule the reading.

*The client is 100% responsible for all actions taken based on their interpretation of the insights and information presented in the reading.

Patrick works one on-one-with clients. In person, phone, or video sessions that are meant for one person.  A session cannot be booked and then used to invite multiple people for guidance; in other words, group sessions are booked separately from individual readings.

To book, please email, or, if this is not an option, call (567) 228-0129.  If paying with a check or cash for phone or video readings, payment must be received before appointment.  A deposit of 50% for all in-person readings / paranormal investigations is needed to hold date and time of said appointment.

All Cancellations must be a full 24 hours notice to be able to be rescheduled. There are no refunds for missed appointments. We are very willing to make changes in times and dates when available to do so. charge backs/ returned payments will be charged an additional fee.  *Fees range between $35 -$55 Depending on payment type. 

All sessions require a photo to ensure the most accurate results. Please contact us for any personal queries