35 Minute Session - $100

60 Minute Session  - $285

90 Minute

Session - $465

2 Hour Session - $520

Other Services can be found on our Facebook page.


Specials and updates can also be found on Facebook. 

Group Readings


Group/Party Readings (Minimum 4 People)

Readings are a minimum of two hours.


Prices start at $400. Additional people are charged $45 per person, 
which includes 30 minutes added to the total time.


Please follow us at our FaceBook page for local events, for more interactive opportunities.

A charge for travel may be added, depending on location.


Hosting a paranormal event/expo, and would like us to join, please call or email.  Amanda will help coordinate, if possible.




15 minute Session - $65

30 minute

Session - $85

60 minute

Session - $350

90 minute

Session - $450





Do you occupy a haunted location? 

Did someone die on your property and you have strange things going on? 

Are you a paranormal group needing help from a physical medium? 

Are your children, pets, or other adults acting out of the norm?

Patrick may be able to cleanse your home, and  


Please let us help. 

Call for pricing. 

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